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Fri, 31 Oct 2014 12:00:01 PDT
Hap-bee Halloween

Thu, 30 Oct 2014 18:48:01 PDT
Marshall's Farm Honey has gone Kauaiian. We've installed the first of 4 hives at our new home on Kauai. We may have Hula Honey by the bee-ginning of 2015.

Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:00:00 PDT
Your Daily dose of awwwww

The Daily Cute: Playing Dress Up
Whether it’s in people clothes, as other animals, or as our favorite fictional characters, we humans like dressing up our pets. There’s something about an animal lying comfortably in our home which screams, “Blank canvas for your imagination!” Launch the gallery for 15 photos of some costumed cuddle…

Experiment with a diverse selection of honey blends and flavors from all across the East Bay. 

The East Bay Wildflower Honeys are perfect for the honey-lover who loves variety and pares their sweet treats with an assortment of foods. 

From wild blackberry to orange blossom, Napa Valley wildflowers, coastal fields and many more, each flavor is fun to compare and combine with meals and snacks.

Marshall’s Farm Honey brings you gift collections, sampler packs and jars large and small to please friends, family or guests at any occasion. 

3 Jar Assortment 5oz. Wide Mouth jar
Gift - Honey Triple Stack 6oz. Wide Mouth Glass jar
16 oz. East Bay Wildflower, 1 lb. Glass
Honey 1 lb. Glass Jar - East Bay Wildflower
12 lb. Gallon East Bay Wildflower
Honey 12 lb. Gallon - East Bay Wildflower
12 oz. East Bay Wildflower Plastic Squeeze Honey Bear
Honey 12 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bear - East Bay Wildflower
16 oz. East Bay Wildflower, 1 lb. plastic squeeze skep bottle
Honey 16 oz. Plastic Squeeze Skep Bottle - East Bay Wildflower
2 oz. East Bay Wildflower Honey, party favor glass jar
Honey 2 oz. Party Favor Glass Jar - East Bay Wildflower
2 oz. Baby Bear
Honey 2 oz. Plastic Baby Bear $4 ea - Baker's Dz. $48
24 oz. East Bay Wildflower Pint Glass Jar
Honey 24 oz. Pint Glass Jar - East Bay Wildflower
48 oz. 3 lb. East Bay Wildflower Quart Glass Jar
Honey 3 lb. Quart Glass Jar - East Bay Wildflower
3 oz. East Bay Wildflower Honey, sampler glass jar
Honey 3 oz. Glass Jar Sampler - East Bay Wildflower
Nautical America's Cup Honey
Nautical America's Cup Honey