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Wed, 23 Jul 2014 05:38:56 PDT
L'Shana Tovah!!!!

Judaica Honey | Marshalls Farm Pure & Natural Certified Kosher Honey
All Marshalls honeys are kosher, but for any special occasion in the Jewish Faith, we have you covered. We carry Judaica and Hanukkah gifts plus more."

Wed, 16 Jul 2014 10:51:12 PDT
From the The New York Times Bees and Colony Collapse

Bees and Colony Collapse
The demise of honeybees should alert us that our own well-being might be similarly threatened.

Thu, 10 Jul 2014 09:22:55 PDT
This is an interesting slideshow that shows how our honey is the honey of choice used by other producers to enrich their products - in this case St. Benoit Yogurt.

Saint Benoit Creamery Tour | CUESA
On September 17, 2010, CUESA led a tour of the Saint Benoit Creamery facility and Achadinha Cheese Co., both in Petaluma, California. All photos by Barry Jan.

Honey 2 oz. Party Favor Glass Jar - San Francisco City Limits

Honey 2 oz. Party Favor Glass Jar - San Francisco City Limits

Honey 2 oz. Party Favor Glass Jar - San Francisco City Limits
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San Francisco City Limits ~ These City Bees find the Wildflowers on the Hills and in Neighborhood Gardens of San Francisco.  Our City hives are all within San Francisco's City Limits.  Eucalyptus, wildflowers, garden herbs, fruit tree blooms and flowers provide the nectars that create this light, sweet honey.  Do you think these bees ride the Cable Car to the flowers? This is a honey that is in short supply & high demand.
Wildflower Honey, Raw, Uncooked, Unfiltered, Unheated, Pure, Natural, Kosher.

Single 2 oz. Jar

SKU: SHR10218
Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 2
Weight: 0.50
Price: $4.00 (USD) 


Case of 24 ~ 10% discount

SKU: SHR10218C
Dimensions: 2.5 x 7.5 x 12.5
Weight: 12.00
Price: $86.40 (USD) 


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