Honeys for Allergy Relief - Seasonal Packs

Honey's for Allergy Relief

The concept of eating local California Honey to get relief from the symptoms of pollen allergies is not new, but it is logical.

Think about it… Pollen is produced in plants such as trees, flowers & grasses. The bees gather pollen, which are then brought back to the hive, blending in trace amounts with the honey that the bees produce.

When consuming honey that is both location specific, from a 50 mile radius where you live, work and/or from an area where the vegetation is similar and when the honey is also seasonally correct (harvested during the season that in “Now”), essentially you are ingesting just enough of the pollen grains currently airborne to help your system build up a resistance to the pollen causing your allergic reaction.

At Marshall's Farm, our 100 apiaries are situated throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area including San Francisco and the counties surrounding: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties. The vegetation around the bay is similar and the winds carry pollen grains all around making our local California honey effective for natural allergy relief in the South Bay counties as well.

Take a look below at our selection of local natural Allergy Relief Honey to help you find reprieve from the symptoms of pollen allergies, and you will find a delicious Marshall's Farm Natural Honey you will enjoy. Contact us for more information or to put in your order!