8oz. Glass Hexagonal Gift Jars

Our 8oz. glass hexagonal gift jars include a diverse selection of honey blends as well as assortments of fruits and nuts to make the perfect paring.  

Choose a classic, whimsical or humorous honey jar for any person and any occasion.  Our natural honey recipes bottle the essences of beautiful wildflower

s growing on the California coast.  Each delectable golden jar is made only with the pure, natural honey straight from our beehives, and they contain no additives or preservatives.
Choose a delicate, succulent taste to satisfy a sweet tooth or a smooth, flavorful variety for a perfect topping.  Honey jars snap open easily to add an extra zing to morning oatmeal or toast, cake, ice cream, tea, fruit, yogurt or a sweet, stand-alone snack. 

These 8oz. jars are unique, affordable and compact gifts that anyone can enjoy.  Browse our many jars and flavors to find the perfect theme and recipe.