Honey 3 oz. Glass Jar Sampler - Mt. Tam

Honey 3 oz. Glass Jar Sampler - Mt. Tam

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Mt. Tam Honey~ Organically produced Honey from our Marin County Mt. Tamalpais Apiaries is a very special honey.  Because of the diverse microclimates in a relatively area, there is an extreme diversity of nectar-producing flowers on the slopes of Mt. Tam. This diversity creates honey that is Spicy, Sweet, Complex, Dark Amber and incredibly delicious.  Our Mt. Tam hives are managed organically because medication is never used within these hives. Also, these hives are in wild, natural, undeveloped locations where there is at least a four mile area of untainted land where the bees forage for the sweet nectars that become our  Mt. Tam Wildflower Honey.
Wildflower Honey, Organic, Raw, Uncooked, Unfiltered, Unheated, Pure, Natural, Kosher.

Single 3 oz. Jar

Price: 6.00 (USD)
Case of 24 ~ 10% discount

Price: 129.60 (USD)