Honey 8 oz Glass Gift Jar - Marin Mix

Honey 8 oz. Glass Gift Jar - Marin Mix

Marin Mix Wildflower ~ A blend of wildflower honeys from favorite Marin zip codes in this special county just north of the Golden Gate.   Marin county is a county with many micro-climates stretching from the rugged beaches on the Pacific Ocean's coast, to the 2,571' peak of Mt. Tamalpais, to the shores of San Francisco Bay.  The diversity of the terrain hosts a myriad of wildflowers creating a complex nectar flow that our bees use to create this rich middle-range honey that is favored by many of the Bay Area's upscale chefs.  This is a wonderful choice to use as an all-purpose honey.  Marin Mix is also great for local residents to use for allergy relief from reactions to local pollens.  We harvest this honey year-round.   
Wildflower Honey, Raw, Uncooked, Unfiltered, Unheated, Pure, Natural, Kosher.

Single 8 oz. Jar

Price: 12.00 (USD)
Case of 12 ~ 10% discount

Price: 129.60 (USD)