Honey Straws - Grape Honey Stix

Honey Straws - Grape Honey Stix

Grape-flavored Honey Stick Bundles give you 50 colorful purple Honey Straws. Kids love this bright color.  Grape is just one of our 22 fun flavors.  Honey Stix, as they are sometimes called, can be enjoyed in many ways.  Kids of all ages love them.  Grown up kids love them too.  They are a great lunchbox snack, an office snack, an energy booster for athletes, wonderful to serve with tea or coffee.  Many upscale restaurants, coffe houses & tea shops use our Honey Straws as the preferred sweetener. Honey Straws make great party favors.  Choose your theme colors for a party or special event.

We offer a choice of our very special Natural varietal & wildflower honeys or your choice of 18 Flavored Clover Honeys.

Bundle of 50

Price: 16.00 (USD)
Bunch of 12

Price: 4.75 (USD)