The many delicious varieties of local honey…

Honey we have in bounty…

California Wildflower -The Magic Of Blending: Our Beekeeper, Spencer Marshall, has created a special blend that captures all of the pollens & nectars of the counties by the bay. The blend changes with the seasons.

East Bay Wildflower - A blend from East Bay Wildflowers. 

Honey I’m Home - from our Napa Farm, Marshall’s Farm: Wild Mustard, Chicory, Squash, and Wild Radish to name just a few of the wildflowers on the farm creating a sweet, tangy, bold honey.

Marin Wildflower - From the hills, and valleys of Marin County, a complex multitude of native wildflowers that grow between the moist Redwood forests and southern facing dryer microclimates create a blend of auburn colored honey that tastes distinct from all other flavors and counties.

Napa Wildflower - Honey from wine country.

Orange Blossom - Our bees spend the early spring pollinating the orange blossoms & gathering the special floral pollens and nectars that give pure Orange Blossom honey its light flowery taste & color.

Sonoma Wildflower - Apple and Pumpkin blossoms are just a few of the delicious flavors that make up this very special honey.

SF Bay Area Blend - A mix of wildflower honey from the counties by the Bay. A great honey to combat pollen allergies.

Wild West - A rich dark honey blend. Great for barbecue sauces, biscuits, baking & just good eating.

Rare, Specialty Honey

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Buckwheat - A rich, strong, dark brown almost molasses type honey.

CIA - Harvested from our beehives at the organic garden of the Culinary Institute of America, Greystone, St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA. The honey is complex, reflecting the flowers, seasonal crops, herbs & wildflowers growing in and near the garden.

Clover - Harvested from areas prevalent with Clover flowers.

Eucalyptus - The Blue Gum Eucalyptus & Acacia trees bloom side by side creating this fabulous honey.

Fairfax Wildflower - Mountain, and valley flowers, many natives that grow in the unique Marin climate some of which include : Star Thistle, Pennyroyal, Anise and Eucalyptus, although they change depending upon the season.

Lavender, infused - We grow the Lavender ourselves, dry it and then infuse it into our honey. This honey tastes like Lavender blossoms smell - like perfume for your palette.

Fairmont Hotel - SF rooftop - Our bees on the Fairmont rooftop manage to find a bounty of flowers in the yards of the heart of the city. Our bees here are very productive and produce a wildflower blend that is rich and unique.

Mount Tam - From the sunny, lower slopes of Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. This honey is dark and caramelly and has a very wild berry flavor.

Sweet Solano - Nut blossoms, pumpkin, squash blossoms, and sunflowers make up some of the nectars in Solano County honey.